Toblerone Cheesecake

Toblerone Cheesecake

Toblerone Cheesecake

Simple, but killer cheesecake. I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time, but as you can imagine it was devoured before I had time to take a photo. Very easy to make, as far as cheesecakes go, and always a crowdpleaser.

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Poached Pear with Black Current Compote, Pear Lace and Roquefort Cheese

Poached Pear with Black Current Compote, Pear Lace and Roquefort CheeseMy MasterChef Canada dish. My wife said I should apply for MasterChef Canada so I did. I made it past the initial application, phone interview and then was asked to show up for the live tasting audition. That’s where my journey ended. My guess is that I didn’t have enough drama for reality TV, which is true, I’m not full of drama. My focus is not on being remembered for how interesting I am, but rather for how well I cook. Continue reading


Poached Pear with Creme Anglaise

Poached Pear with Creme AnglaisAll I can say is wow! This is a classy dessert that isn’t too sweet, but very satisfying. Let me say this, it’s deceivingly simple to make and will yield great results. The photo wasn’t the best plating as everyone gobbled up the the good ones before I had a chance to photograph it. This was my first attempt at this dessert and my guests were licking their plates. Need I say more? Continue reading


Banana Bread

Banana BreadA tasty solution for over-ripe bananas. Bananas are a sweet treat when they’re a nice ripe yellow, but what do you do with them when they go all spotty or even black? You make banana muffins or bread, that’s what you do. You can store them in the freezer when they go black until you have enough and just defrost them when you are ready to bake. Continue reading