Quinoa Solterito

Quinoa Solterito

Quinoa SolteritoI love a good salad. You know when you go to a potluck and someone brings this intriguingly amazing looking salad that tastes so good, like nothing you’ve eaten before. That was never me, it was always my sister, but I think I may have found a contender with this one.
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Cuban Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Cubano, Cuban Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Cuban Ham and Cheese SandwichBest sandwich ever! Now, some people may disagree with me. There are more elaborate, gourmet sandwiches and there are simple sandwiches, but when you’re hungry and looking for a descent, dare I say amazing sandwich you gotta eat a cubano. Don’t forget to pair it with a cerveza. I got hooked on these ever since watching Jon Favreau’s movie “Chef“. After seeing their expressions when they tasted the sandwich I was totally sold on trying it. After all, that’s what I strive for when I make food is to bring that “OMFG, this is amazing” feeling to my patrons. Continue reading


Tropical Endive Salad

Tropical Endive SaladA sweet tropical treat. This salad is a creation of mine bringing together many of my favourite flavours. The sweetness from the tropical fruits and the ginger simple syrup balanced with the more tangy endive. A further sweet addition to this salad is a sliver of pear placed at the bottom of the endive of which I didn’t have any left for the photo. Continue reading