Celery root apple soup

Celery Root Apple soup with Roast Ham & Jus

Celery root apple soupA satisfying root veg soup. I’ve always wanted to make something with celery root (celeriac), although I had always thought my first venture with this root vegetable would be in the form of a purée accompanying a protein main. As time and necessity would have it I needed to throw together a quick meal. What should be staring up at me from the vegetable drawer of my fridge, but celery root and some left over ham and jus from Easter dinner. This was the result.
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Scotch bonnet pepper sauce

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

Scotch bonnet pepper sauceFlavourful hot sauce. There’s crazy hot, hot sauce that is just hot for the point of being the hottest sauce possible and then there’s hot sauce that stands above the sea of hot sauce mediocrity. Hot sauce that actually has flavour, transcends all others to become more than just hot, it becomes a glorious accompaniment to your appetizer or entrée. Continue reading