Cuban Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Cubano, Cuban Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Cuban Ham and Cheese SandwichBest sandwich ever! Now, some people may disagree with me. There are more elaborate, gourmet sandwiches and there are simple sandwiches, but when you’re hungry and looking for a descent, dare I say amazing sandwich you gotta eat a cubano. Don’t forget to pair it with a cerveza. I got hooked on these ever since watching Jon Favreau’s movie “Chef“. After seeing their expressions when they tasted the sandwich I was totally sold on trying it. After all, that’s what I strive for when I make food is to bring that “OMFG, this is amazing” feeling to my patrons. Continue reading

Egg Cups

Bacon Egg Cups

Egg CupsWonderful, savory breakfast treat. They are a fast and easy breakfast solution. Great for making ahead for a breakfast on the go. This was posted as a solution to our crazy, rush mornings, running out of the house, kids in tow, trying to get kids to school and us to the office on time. I don’t recommend microwaving them from frozen as it dries them out and destroys the texture. Continue reading

Cauliflower purée, porcini sauce, roated sausage and mushroom, chive and walnut oil

Cauliflower Purée, Roasted Italian Sausage & Mushrooms with Porcini Sauce, Walnut & Chive Oil

Cauliflower purée, porcini sauce, roated sausage and mushroom, chive and walnut oilCauliflower in a whole new light. Even though sausage is the visual focus of this dish, cauliflower is the real inspiration. For all those carnivores and veggie hatters in my family I wanted to reintroduce this wonderful cruciferous vegetable in a new form. The smooth, creamy, flavourful purée could stand on it’s own, but I chose to coordinate other elements that compliment this vegetable well. Continue reading