Egg Cups

Bacon Egg Cups

Egg CupsWonderful, savory breakfast treat. They are a fast and easy breakfast solution. Great for making ahead for a breakfast on the go. This was posted as a solution to our crazy, rush mornings, running out of the house, kids in tow, trying to get kids to school and us to the office on time. I don’t recommend microwaving them from frozen as it dries them out and destroys the texture. Continue reading



RamenBeats Mr. Noodle any day of the week! If my kids had the choice they’d live on nothing but Mr. Noodle 7 days a week, but I can’t get past the MSG, high levels of sodium and generally processed structure of it. My recent venture into the world of David Chang and Momofuku pushed me into a whole new level of ramen enlightenment. Although this ramen doesn’t meet the standards of Japanese tradition using dashi, katsuo bushi and konbu I feel it comes pretty close in regards to flavour profiles. Besides, with a busy family life, I don’t have the luxury of time to properly prepare those ingredients…”sigh”. Continue reading


Honey Stuffed Goat Cheese Truffles Crusted with Bacon & Pistachio

Honey Stuffed Goat Cheese Truffles Crusted with Bacon & PistachioA creamy, crunchy, sweet delight. This canapé was one of a few that I made for my first official catering experience which is a story in itself. Unfortunately this one never made it to the event due to time constraints. I found The idea of this canapé on pinterest, but it needed an enhancement. I found that the creamy cheese was a little overwhelming and the addition of honey in the center made for a nice sweet surprise. Continue reading